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From the bestselling author Ben Alderson comes a fantastical and spicy reimagining of the Hades and Persephone tale. King of Immortal Tithe is a stand alone in the Darkmourn Universe.

Human. Arlo Grey will do anything to fend off the sickness that longs to destroy him. To uphold the promise he made to his parents, ensuring the protection of his sister from the world and its dangers. Especially if the dangers come in the form of elves from a realm beyond that of the human world.

Elf. Faenir Evelina is scorned for the murder of his family. Forced by the bitter Queen to partake in the Choosing, he discovers a single person who can resist the deadly grace of his touch.

It has been many years since the vampiric disease spread wildly across Darkmourn, making humans a rarity. And protection from the undead comes at a cost, one that Arlo is forced to pay when he is stolen by the Prince of Death.

Arlo finds himself tangled in a web of secrecy, family politics and unbridled magic when he comes face to face with the impending doom… his truth.

King of Immortal Tithe is a complete, M/M *stand-alone novel*, inspired by Hades x Persephone… but if Hades fell in love with Persephone’s brother instead

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The thrilling, electrifying, and deadly third installment to the Realm of Fey series. Perfect for fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses and From Blood and Ash but MLM.

Robin Icethorn, King of the Winter Court, must stop The Hand, who threatens to bring forth a time of monsters. The search for the keys to free Duwar, the demon God, from his unearthly bindings has begun. Finding unlikely allies, Robin is thrust into a war of Gods, becoming no more than a pawn on the game board he never wished to be a part of. Whilst new flames crackle with electrifying power and old flames return, equally changed – Robin is forced to make decisions that would change the course of his, and his Kingdoms, lives forever.

A Deception of Court takes place directly after the events of A Kingdom of Lies. Readers who enjoy stories full of magic, romance and adventure... but with added spice, will love this series. Dive into the Realm of Fey series and uncover your own magic.

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