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Perfect for fans of From Blood and Ash and A Shade of Vampire – but with added spice!Jak’s life has only one meaning; break the curse or die trying. Marius’s life has no meaning; not since he was cursed into the twisted, blood thirsty creature of night. For years the witches have waited for their salvation, a way to return the magic that was sacrificed when the curse was first cast. Jak, a boy born with power that the witches have not seen in a century, is their prophesied saviour. The one who is to kill the creature, break the curse and restore magic to his coven. Sent to the creature’s castle as the final Claim, Jak must get close enough to land the final blow. It is what he has trained all his life to accomplish. Not all is as it seems when Jak uncovers secrets and half-truths. The creature is not the haunting beast he had been brought up to hate. Emotions war as new feelings are uncovered. For what is more dangerous than hate? Lust. Lord of Eternal Night is a complete, M/M *stand-alone novel*, inspired by Beauty and the Beast… with added bite.


Human. Arlo Grey will do anything to fend off the sickness that longs to destroy him. To uphold the promise he made to his parents, ensuring the protection of his sister from the world and its dangers. Especially if the dangers come in the form of elves from a realm beyond that of the human world. Elf. Faenir Evelina is scorned for the murder of his family. Forced by the bitter Queen to partake in the Choosing, he discovers a single person who can resist the deadly grace of his touch. It has been many years since the vampiric disease spread wildly across Darkmourn, making humans a rarity. And protection from the undead comes at a cost, one that Arlo is forced to pay when he is stolen by the Prince of Death.Arlo finds himself tangled in a web of secrecy, family politics and unbridled magic when he comes face to face with the impending doom... his truth. King of Immortal Tithe is a complete, M/M *stand-alone novel*, inspired by Hades x Persephone... but if Hades fell in love with Persephone's brother instead.


From the bestselling author, Ben Alderson comes a fantastical and spicy reimagining of the Red Riding Hood tale. Alpha of Mortal Flesh is a stand alone in the Darkmourn Universe.

Witch. To Darkmourn, Rhory Coleman is married to the Head of the Crimson Guard - when in reality, his husband is nothing but a monster. Since his mother was brutally murdered by rogue vampires, and his father died of a broken mind - Rhory was left in the hands of someone who was supposed to love him. Someone who vowed to protect him actually threatens his existence with every breath. 

Rhory must hide his innate powers alongside the bruises left by the hand of his husband. Until everything changes when a mysterious summons requests Rhory's 'unique talent'. He finds himself standing before a paranormal threat, one unlike anything Darkmourn has seen before.

Wolf. Calix Grey is a monster. Everything has been taken from him. His brother, his parents, his heart. He has nothing left to fight for - until fate comes knocking on his door. He believes Rhory Coleman is the key to ensure his brother is returned home - but is the price to pay worth the pain? 

After years of peace between the mortal and immortals of Darkmourn - the Crimson Guard are corrupted by those who are clouded by dark pasts. Murders are left unsolved. Family secrets are tangled in a web of iron. And it will take those who lost everything to discover their truth.

Even if that means unleashing a dangerous creature into the streets of their home.

Although this book is set in the Darkmourn Universe, you can read it in any order although recommended in the publication date order.


A new MM Fantasy Romance Stand Alone, inspired by The Little Mermaid & Atlantis... what if the Prince and the Sea Witch fell in love in a world ruled by evil mermaids and vengeful gods? For fans of Kellen Graves, Elise Kova, and Carissa Broadbent.'Do I please you, my Prince?'Prince Ernest Ire will do anything to please his controlling father. Even if that means using his god-given magic to sway the minds of everyone he has ever met. Wealth, royalty, and control over the land and everything on it, but still, it is not enough. With the power to achieve anything, all he wants is to give it up. But everything changes when he is infected with the deadly poison of a Mer bite, and his magic is stolen.Killian Metropoli made a deal with the god of the ocean, Karakos, on the fateful night when his mother took a blade to his throat and killed him. Gifted with immortality and the power over sea and storm, Killian was offered a second chance at life, for the sole purpose of ridding the oceans of the evil soulless creatures - the Mer, terrifying monsters made from a union between two warring gods.Killian is faced with duty or escape; he must choose to go against a powerful god for a bad-mouthed prince, who could give him the one thing he desires most...freedom. Time is of the essence, otherwise, Killian will be forced against his will to kill Ernest if he becomes the very monster his life is dedicated to destroying.Fate is fickle, the threads knotted, and time is running out. Ernest must save his people before he becomes the very monster he has always feared. Killian will do anything to rid himself of his shackles. But an evil darkness is rising, and they must become allies to stop it before the world they know becomes a battlefield for benevolent gods.Prince of Endless Tides is a stand-alone in the Darkmourn Universe and can be read in or out of order. It's for readers looking for a fantasy romance with enemies to lovers, gods, monsters and heroes, sacrifice, forbidden and slow-burnromance withon-page spice that will leave your mouth burning! POET has a twisted but Happily Ever After.

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