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Married to a ruthless prince…For years, Max had to serve and obey the vicious magical nobles. Now he is one of them.When the heir to the throne attacks him, Max accidentally responds with a lethal burst of magic. Max is certain he will be executed. But his power is too rare and precious for that…Instead, the king forces him to become the boy he killed, taking on the identity and duties of the heir. That includes an arranged marriage—to the dangerously attractive Prince Camron.Living a lie, Max knows he can trust no one. Not Camron. And definitely not Simion, a handsome, dragon-riding spy sent to test his loyalty.As a deadly struggle for power begins and desire sparks, Max must protect his secret and his heart at all costs.Heir to Thorn and Flame is a passionate and page-turning fantasy romance that will have you reading late into the night. Featuring slow-burn, dark secrets, arranged marriage and found family, it is perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Elise Kova and C.S. Pacat. Previously published as The Lost Mage, this expanded version begins a series that builds in heart-pounding tension and steam.

“I needed this. I needed him. My mind was a storm and I wanted him to take it all away.”At the prestigious and competitive Saylam Academy, Max trains to master his magic, surrounded by enemies who will stop at nothing to see him fail.As he fights to survive, Max’s romance with proud, passionate healer Simion grows ever more intense. But magic still ties him to Camron Calzmir, the prince who seduced and betrayed him. While the enchantment lingers, even the slightest touch from Simion could tear Max apart.To prove himself, Max enters a legendary contest that could win him the loyalty of a powerful, ice-breathing dragon. High in the mountains, he will face elemental monsters and vicious rivals. But these dangers are only the beginning.When Max returns to find Saylam consumed by rebellion, it’s clear that even old friends hold dangerous secrets.An ancient plan is falling into place. And if it succeeds, whole kingdoms will burn. To survive the war that is coming, Max must be willing to sacrifice everything…Heir to Frost and Storm continues an addictive M/M fantasy romance series perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Elise Kova and C.S. Pacat. Building on the slow-burn tension of Book 1, it’s packed with heart-racing steam, deadly intrigue, found family and jaw-dropping twists.


Lightning raced over my skin as we touched. It cascaded through the room, sparking every candle to life. I would not let death and ruin take him from me. I was not ready for this to end.The demon Lilyth has returned. With an army of shadows at her back, she claims all magic as her own, threatening to drain all light and life from the world.To stand against her, Max must unite rival gods and kingdoms that have warred for centuries. It seems impossible, but Max is not alone. Danger has forged his friends into a new family and bound him to an ice-breathing dragon.Most powerful of all is his passion for Simion. Possessed by the burning magic of the phoenixes, Simion is more heated, more unpredictable. And his desire blazes brighter than ever.But Max’s bonds of love make him vulnerable. Lilyth will take anything—or anyone—from him, to get what she craves. If he hopes to defeat her, Max must be ready for any sacrifice.Can Max and Simion’s passion survive the war ahead? Or will the destruction of the world they know tear them apart?Full of spicy romance, heartbreak and epic action, this series is perfect for fans of Fourth Wing, A Court of Thorns and Roses and The Serpent and the Wings of Night.

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